Sagun Pandey

Hi, I'm Sagun, I design, build, operate & sometimes rescue full-stack web applications. I primarily use the Java Ecosystem, but picking up a new framework or language isn't a problem. I am comfortable developing on the backend or frontend as well as setting up or managing infrastructure.

When I am not in my coder’s outfit, I am generally a singer, gymaholic, movie enthusiast, or a geekzilla who is passionate just about anything geeky and nerdy. I am a social guy who loves spending time with friends and family. I always look forward to connecting with people and exploring new opportunities that life has to offer.

What I Do

Full Stack Software Development

I expertise in every layer of the software system and have authentic attention in all software technologies. Years spent working in different roles has made me well-versed in both business logic and user experience, meaning I am not only well-equipped to get hands-on, but can also guide and consult on a strategy too.

Software Consulting

I do much more than developing programs. What I provide is a spectrum of services related to the development of online solutions or software applications for business. I excel at solving problems defined by constraints and redefining those constraints to solve bigger problems. I provide technical advice in capturing project requirements, translating these into objectives and strategizing creation of software architecture that a technical team and follow efficiently.


I am pretty passionate about blogging. I like writing blogs even if it's fearsome and there're always criticisms following. Blogging keeps me challenged and I learn the best by doing and sharing my knowledge. It makes me happy if what I write can serve others as a reference to solving their technical problems.