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Hi, I'm Sagun, I design, build, operate & sometimes rescue full-stack web applications. I primarily use Java Ecosystem, but picking up a new framework or language isn't a problem. I am comfortable developing on the backend or frontend as well as setting up or managing infrastructure. When I am not in my coder’s outfit, I am generally a singer, gymaholic, movie enthusiast, or a geekzilla who is passionate just about anything geeky and nerdy. I am a social guy who loves spending time with friends and family. I always look forward to connecting with people and exploring new opportunities that life has to offer.

Using Custom Icons Font Type with ‘react-native-elements’ Icon Component

React Native Elements uses react-native-vector-icons for making icon usage in components without having to re-implement Icon component. Here’s how we’ve been using Icon component from react-native-elements: Pretty neat right? Icons take the name of a material icon as a prop. However, react-native-elements allows us to override Material icons with one of the following: material-community, font-awesome, octicon, ionicon, foundation, evilicon, simple-line-icon, zocial, or entypo by providing a type prop. […]